4 Ways To Beat The Cold This Winter

Nervous for your home’s heating system this winter? With our professional heating tips, you don’t have to be. Read on for four of our favorite ways to beat the cold during the winter months.

Tip 1: Get Your Furnace up to Par

The first thing to do to prepare for the upcoming winter is to make sure everything is up to date with your furnace repair in Minneapolis. We recommend having things inspected each fall to make sure everything will be ready to go come wintertime. Repairs and maintenance can keep things running smoothly and will help your machinery run more efficiently.

A new furnace in Minneapolis might be your best bet if your current equipment is over ten years old, if your home heats up unevenly, or if your furnace has gotten noisy.

Tip 2: Insulate Everything

One of the first things we recommend when it comes to keeping your heated air inside your home is to monitor glass surfaces. Cover windows and glass doors with curtains or plastic film to keep drafts out. Make sure to check for air leaks in places like attic doors, electrical outlets, windows, doors, chimneys, ceiling lights, and utility spaces for pipes. Use weather stripping or caulk to seal the leaks and keep your heated air inside.

Tip 3: Let the Light in

During the sunnier parts of the day, make sure curtains and blinds are opened. This will generate additional heat, relieving some of the strain on your furnace and wallet. We especially recommend opening south-facing windows during the day to let in maximum light.

Tip 4: Consider Your Setup

Your home’s exterior walls will not only be cooler than the interior ones, you will be more likely to feel drafts if you spend your time close to them. To feel warmer without having to spend a dime, rearrange your furniture so your time will be spent away from those exterior walls.