Air Conditioning Maintenance in Minneapolis-St. Paul

The air conditioning system your home is equipped with works hard to maintain temperature, humidity levels, and air quality. Modern cooling systems are made of tough stuff, and they can certainly handle the task—but they can’t stay successful forever without a bit of help! Routine, seasonal AC maintenance is the ideal way to keep your air conditioner in peak condition, offering it all of the care, tuning, and upkeep it needs in order to do its job to the fullest.

At Total Comfort in the Twin Cities, we offer a full range of AC maintenance and tune-up services! From routine care to in-depth performance analysis, we’re the team you can trust for ideal solutions and high-performance cooling in Minnesota.

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The Importance of Air Conditioner Maintenance

We run our cooling systems quite hard with a very high level of consistency, which means they have a tendency to wear down rapidly—even over the course of a single year. It’s actually a fact that most of our AC repair service calls are due to a lack of consistent air conditioner maintenance!

Our professionals offer up the full benefit of our experience, superior training, and top-notch tools in order to provide a thorough maintenance service for your cooling equipment. The service includes system cleaning, calibration, filter changes, and lubrication for moving parts. All of this together means your system runs like clockwork and has all of the strength it needs to beat back a Minnesota summer season.

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Air Conditioner Maintenance Benefits

Maintenance offers you much more than peace of mind! Real and tangible benefits come with the service, including:

  • Far lower risk of breakdowns. It’s always best to avoid problems if at all possible when it comes to mechanical systems. With consistent maintenance, you can reduce the risks of a mid-season breakdown or AC repair by up to 50-75%!
  • Higher energy efficiency. Energy costs can be absolutely astronomical these days, and every little bit of care you give your HVAC system helps a ton. Keeping up with maintenance reduces the workload on your cooling system, directly reducing the amount of energy it consumes to perform its function.
  • Longer system performance lifespan. Want your cooling system to last 10 or 15 years? Maintenance is the way to ensure you get there and get the full benefit of your investment!
  • Better indoor air quality. Dust, dirt, and grime collect in HVAC systems extremely quickly, and all of that mess gets blown into your home day in and day out. Cleaning is a big part of maintenance, and it gives our service teams a chance to rid your home of tons of junk.
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