3 Quick Tips for Maintaining Your A/C in the Summer

Air conditioning system in a Minneapolis yard.Summer is home to the few months of the year full of pool parties, ice cream sandwiches, fireworks, and suntan lines. Summer is a time to relax and enjoy life, and there is nothing quite like it. One of the best moments that summer has to offer is that instant you walk from the brutal heat outside into your cool, air conditioned home. The second that the air conditioning goes away, however, can be a headache and a worry as you scramble to fix that much-loved summer essential. But no need to worry; there are easy ways to maintain your adored air conditioning unit so that it keeps working through all the dog days of summer. Thanks to Total Comfort, here are 3 quick tips for maintaining your air conditioner in the summer.

Get Annual Inspections

The best way to ensure that your air conditioner stays in top working condition all summer long is to participate in annual inspections. We provide air conditioner maintenance in Minneapolis that will prevent your appliance from just outright quitting on you or going bad in the middle of a heatwave. These inspections are done by skilled technicians that assess the machine and make any changes necessary to keep you and your air conditioner happy for many months to come. Be sure to schedule your annual inspection just as the seasons are beginning to change to allow for any needed work to get done before the height of heat begins to settle in.

Change Filters

One of the easiest ways to maintain your air conditioner in the summer is to regularly change the air filters inside. This is a cheap step to take every month that helps to keep the appliance running efficiently. Old air filters can cause your air conditioner to have to work harder and eventually tire out to the point of breakage. Changing these filters once every month allows for the machine to breathe and work easier, and also helps to keep your family healthy by eliminating allergens that get caught inside of each filter.

Reduce the Strain

HVAC service technician in Minneapolis wearing a hardhat and repair AC unit.When the air conditioner has to work harder to cool down an extra-hot house, it can cause the machine to push itself too hard and break down. Consider running other appliances that heat up your house, like your oven and dishwasher, in the evening after the sun sets once your house begins to cool down. The extra heat in your house caused by items like your dishwasher and oven can sometimes be the factor that sends your air conditioner over the edge. Life is already hard enough for air conditioners in the middle of the scorching summer. Make it easier for them and yourself by lessening the strain that additional household heat causes. Reducing the work that your air conditioner has to do also lessens your electricity bill, making this step a win-win!

Air conditioners are a beloved luxury in the summertime, so always remember to treat yours nicely so that it keeps working to the best of its ability for you and your family. Remember to have annual inspections by a company that provides air conditioner maintenance in Minneapolis, change the air filters at least one time a month, and reduce the strain by running other household appliances that cause heat in the cooler parts of the day when the sun is down. Maintain your air conditioner with these easy steps, and it will surely keep you happy in the summer months!