4 Tips to Ensure Your Air Conditioning is Working Efficiently

Running an air conditioner during the spring and summer doesn’t have to cost an outrageous amount. There are a lot of things that can affect how efficient an air conditioner is. Making sure a unit is working at max efficiency can save a lot of money, and can prolong the life of an air conditioning system. Here are four important tips we have compiled for you that can help keep an air conditioning system working efficiently.

Technician from HVAC company in Minneapolis, Total Comfort, repairing an AC unit.System Maintenance

If an air conditioner isn’t well maintained, it won’t be able to run very efficiently. Regular maintenance is an important piece to keeping systems running well. If you don’t feel comfortable performing maintenance, we recommend you contact a professional service. This maintenance can include keeping the area around the air conditioning system free of material such as leaves and sticks, and even checking to make sure the system is level to prevent fluid leakage. The inside of the system can also be vacuumed out to ensure the air flow isn’t obstructed. Keeping an air conditioning system in good repair can prevent problems and lower energy bills.

Air Leaks

Air leaks can dramatically decrease how well an air conditioner is able to cool a room. These air leaks can be from windows, doors, or even duct work. Finding these air leaks and fixing them can lead to running the air conditioning less, which lowers utility costs. This can also prevent the system from overworking itself trying to maintain a certain temperature. Along with air leaks, an open door or window can affect how well the air conditioner is working. We advise that windows and doors be shut when running the air conditioner because it uses a closed air system. Introducing new warm air can make the air conditioner have to work harder to cool a home.

Filter Change

Changing the filter in the air conditioner is very important. The filter traps particles and objects from getting into the air conditioning unit and causing damage. Dust, particles, and allergens can build up in the filter and obstruct air flow into the system. This causes the appliance to have to work harder to draw air in and cool it. Making sure the filter is changed often can change how efficiently the air conditioner is working, and also produce cleaner air. We suggest you change your filter at least once a year to prevent any problems.

New thermostat installed by Total Comfort, an HVAC company in Minneapolis, on a living room wall.Programmable Thermostat

Installing a programmable thermostat can save a lot of money, and can prevent overworking an air conditioning system. Because of the low cost of programmable thermostats, we highly recommend them for everyone. Programmable thermostats allow for very fine temperature adjustment, so the system can be lowered or raised one degree at a time. This makes it easier to control the atmosphere without the air conditioner having to work constantly. These thermostats can also help save money by programming the thermostat to steady temperatures when you are away from home, so the air conditioner isn’t running unnecessarily.

Making sure an air conditioning unit is working at full efficiency can save a lot of money, and can prevent future problems. System maintenance, including vacuuming out the unit and changing the filter, can help a system work more efficiently. Using a programmable thermostat and checking for air leaks in the house can also change how well an air conditioner is working. If a high utility bill isn’t improved by the use of some of these tips, we suggest contacting a professional. There are companies that can fix air conditioning systems in Minneapolis, and many other cities.