5 Best Practices for Keeping Your House Warm

Technician from HVAC company in Minneapolis, Total Comfort, cleaning out a furnace.When it comes to keeping your home warm this winter, you want your home to be at a comfortable temperature without paying an arm and a leg for your heating bills. What can you do to keep your bills low and your home warm? Try these 5 best practices this winter:

Maintain Your Equipment

It’s important to keep your equipment in great condition. If you want it working like a well-oiled machine, you need to get out the oil. In this case, you can schedule tune-ups. Have a professional come to your home to check out your system and make any necessary adjustments or repairs. You should replace the air filter on a regular basis, too.

Insulate Your Home

Insulation helps keep the warm air inside of your home. If the insulation around your home is insufficient, it won’t be able to efficiently keep the warm air inside. As a general rule of thumb, you should have at least 12-inches of insulation in your attic. When choosing your insulation, you should compare the r-value calculations to make your decision.Ductless split AC system installed on a bedroom wall in a Minneapolis home.

Seal Gaps

Grab the caulk to seal any gaps around your home. Check the windows, the holes for utility cables, or door frames. You can also replace the weather stripping on your doors and garage door. If your windows are outdated, you may need to replace your windows to get the best seal against the cold air.

Direct Airflow

You can direct airflow through your home using the vents and doors. Close vents in rooms that you don’t use. Close doors for rooms that you’re not using. If you have vents along the ceiling and floor, you can close the vents on the ceiling. Since heat rises, the heat from the vents along the floor will help heat the room. You should also move your furniture around the room to make sure that no vents are covered and the air can flow freely through your room.

To help keep heat flowing through your home freely, you should clean out your vents. Remove any dust or debris gathering in your vents. Examine your vents. If any of them are dented or damaged, you should replace the vents to make sure that the air can efficiently travel through the vents.

Reverse Fans

Your ceiling fans help cool down your home in the summer, but did you know that you can use them to your advantage in the winter? Try turning your fan clockwise, or the reverse direction used during the summer. As the fans turn the opposite direction, it will help distribute the warm air. It will also pull the cold air up while pushing the heat down to you.

Using these best practices can help you save on your
Minneapolis heating bills. Another thing that you can do to make sure that your heater is efficiently warming your home is to watch for any need for repairs. If you observe any unusual sounds or behavior, you should contact Total Comfort. We can come to your home to diagnose the problem, make the necessary repairs, and make sure that your home is heating efficiently once again.