5 Reasons to Heat Your Garage

Brick garage with large, wooden doors outside of a Minneapolis home.More and more homeowners are considering adding Minneapolis heating systems to their garages. Technology used to keep garages warm has changed in order to make it safer and more effective. But why would anyone consider doing this? What are the benefits of installing a heater for your garage? Here are five reasons that people should consider.

Prevent Freezing Damage

Freezing temperatures expose people and possessions to damage. If a person has ever dealt with a dead battery on a freezing morning, they understand the impact that the cold can have. On top of damage to a car battery, the cold also impacts other parts of the car as well as appliances and garage components. In order to protect all of the possessions and hardware in the garage, a heater can ensure that freezing temperatures won’t affect it.

Follow Neighborhood Codes

In some areas, homeowners’ associations and other neighborhood codes require homes to have built-in heaters in their garages. This requirement protects homes from wear and tear caused by the weather. It can also protect homeowners and their pets in freezing temperatures. Find out if your neighborhood codes specify whether or not a garage heating system is required.

Allow Future Development

For homeowners that decide to use their garages as living space, having a heater in this area will make the renovations much easier. Some people choose to upgrade their garages to a small apartment, extra bedroom, or family room in order to increase the finished square footage and livable space in the home. While completing the renovations to do this, homeowners need to install a way to keep this space warm. Adding a heater to the garage now will make any future developments much easier and quicker.

Maintain Indoor Temperatures

Adding insulation to garages and crawlspaces help homeowners keep the warm air inside of their homes. The garage still allows a lot of cold air into the home, especially when the temperature plummets below freezing. Check the walls that are shared with the garage. If they’re cold, then it can impact the temperature of the home.

Garage Heating Installation MinneapolisHeating the garage will help maintain warmer temperatures inside of the home by preventing cold air from getting inside of the home, so homeowners can maintain their desired temperatures and keep their homes comfortable.

Create a Comfortable Workspace

Many homeowners use the garage as a workspace. Whether they work on cars, complete home renovations, or do other things in their garage, this workspace allows them to have the lights, electricity, and workspace needed for the projects. Unfortunately, many people freeze as they work in their garages. If they do a lot of work in the garage, it would be to their benefit to add a heater to the workspace. Then they can work at whatever hours they please without freezing.

Whether homeowners spend a lot of time in their garage or not, adding heating to the garage can be a great way to protect the people and things in there. Make sure to have a professional help with the installation to ensure that it’s done correctly and won’t create a potentially dangerous situation for the members of the household.

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