Choosing the Right Heating Solution

Small farm in Minneapolis covered in snow and surrounded by trees.On colder nights of the year, it’s going to take more than your favorite blanket and some wool socks to keep you comfortably warm. You need a heater to keep your household warm. Whether you’re building a new home or looking to upgrade your current heating solution, you need to determine the right option for your home. Once you’ve made your decision you can hire professionals for furnace installation in Minneapolis to help you install it correctly. But first, consider the following 5 options for your home heating needs:

Gas Heater

When you choose a gas heater, you need to determine whether it will run off propane gas or natural gas. Natural gas is most cost-efficient, and it’s safer and cleaner to use. However, you need to find out what you have access to in your area. Then, you should determine the right gas heater for your home based on the size of your home and other factors. The gas heater will also need ductwork throughout your home to reach the various parts of your house.

Electric Heater

You can purchase electric heaters that are multifunctional and can be used as air conditioners in the summer. Many electric heaters rely on a heat pump to help warm your home. You could also purchase smaller electric heaters that can be used in seldom used rooms in your home, so you won’t need to add more ductwork to reach those areas.

Radiant Floor Heating

Radiant floor heating is a cost-effective solution, but it can be expensive to install. You’ll need to remove your flooring to place the radiant heat underneath your floors. Then, when you turn it on, it can heat your room from the ground up. Most people who use radiant floor heating says that they can keep their homes at comfortable temperatures without raising the thermostat as high as they normally do. Because of the installation method, it’s best to have it installed when the home is first built or during remodeling projects.

Geothermal Heating

Geothermal heating uses the heat within the earth to warm your home, making it environmentally friendly. It relies on a pump and pipes below your home, which can make the installation very difficult. Once it’s installed, you’ll notice that it’s low maintenance, efficient, and compact in size. Not to mention, your heating bills will be reduced.

Pellet Stove

Open book laying on fleece blanket Infront of window with a view of snow-covered trees.A pellet stove uses processed wood in a stove to heat your home. The pellets are made from reclaimed wood, so it’s renewable energy that burns clean and efficient. However, the pellets can be expensive to purchase. If you choose to use a pellet stove, you should do your research to find someone who can sell large amounts of pellets to you for a great price.

Weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each heating method. Which one would you prefer in your home? Which will suit your budget and your future needs? Which one will be the easiest when it comes to furnace installation in Minneapolis? If you need help making your decision, you can contact Total Comfort for assistance. If you’ve already made your decision, call us to get help installing the system in your home so you can start heating your home this winter.