Efficiency Explained

Calculator and pen setting on spreadsheet of HVAC efficiency on a month-to-month basis.

What could cause my heating system to perform poorly?

Most problems stem from a poorly operating duct system or combustion defects. Many problems can come from faulty design, installation or poor maintenance.

What is the problem with high efficiency filters?

Nothing, as long as the fan in the system has the capacity to move enough air through it. Most fans do not, so the high efficiency filters reduce the airflow through the system to a point where the system can’t heat properly.

Why are some rooms hotter or colder than others?

The rooms are different temperatures because airflow is too high or too low. It’s the air that carries the proper amount of hot air into each room to change its temperature.

Will high efficiency equipment pay for itself?

High efficiency ratings represent the potential energy savings of the equipment. The condition of the duct system and the way the equipment was installed determine field efficiency. Fix the duct system to assure maximum comfort and savings.

How important is the lowest price?

Many contractors sell and price it like it is. Many parts must all be molded, designed, installed and balanced to work together properly. Most low price bidders do not have the knowledge or instruments to do this kind of skilled work. The price often reflects the level of quality.