Enjoy This Winter in Total Comfort!

Young woman wrapped in poncho, drinking coffee, and looking at snow outside through a window in a Minneapolis house.Picture a scene of swirling snow and blustery winds, and you sitting inside your warm and toasty home. This winter, that can be your reality, so read on to learn more about Minneapolis heating and keeping your home nice and warm from our experts.

Warm Air Blowing

One of the best things you can do for the temperatures inside your home is keep your furnace and heating system up and running smoothly. We know that old, faulty heaters not only run inefficiently, they just don’t do as good of a job at heating your home. Upgrading to newer models will actually save you money in the long run, and getting long-needed repairs and maintenance will help your home heat more quickly and evenly.

Warm Air Staying Inside

After taking advantage of our repair services, it is important to make sure that heated air stays inside your home. This means eliminating drafts and leaks while optimizing the amount and placement of insulation. Check doorways and windows for cold air drafts, see if cold air is entering through electrical outlets or cracks in walls, and check attics and basements for unwanted escape routes for your heated air.

Consider insulating your windows with thick curtains or plastic film, make sure attic doors are properly insulated, and look into having additional insulation blown into spaces where cold air comes into your home.

Warm Air Where You Need It

Some of our other recommendations include checking your ducts for leaks, cleaning your vents regularly (this keeps air flowing freely and also eliminates a potential fire hazard), keeping radiators unobstructed by furniture, and letting sunlight in during the warmer parts of the day to take advantage of the free warmth. Don’t heat unused rooms; close off those vents until you actually need the space to be heated. A few minor tweaks can make a major difference in how warm your home feels and how high or low your energy bill is at the end of the month.