Four Rules to Get the Most out of Your AC

Graphic of a large, metal fan.Air conditioner units are not the cheapest option to fight the heat during the warmest months of the year, but they certainly to the job well. In this article we share four tips that will teach you how to get the most out of your AC while reducing your electricity bill.

Before you start reading these tips, you should also consider if it would be worth replacing your old AC unit with a modern energy-efficient option. Depending on how old your unit is, and how high your electricity bills are, it might be more cost-effective to change it for a new one. There are many HVAC contractors in Minneapolis that can help you assess that and are able to provide you with low-cost efficient options.

However, no matter if you have a new or old unit, here are four important tips for you to save on your electricity bill:

Seal Doors and Windows – It is essential to make sure that the cold air stays in the house, and no warm air goes inside. Insulation plays an important role in keeping air conditioner running costs down because it insures that the equipment will have to work less to keep the house cool. If possible, also insulate the attic and the basement, as air leak spots may be found in these places.

Up-close photo of shut blinds in a St. Paul home.Use Fans – If you don’t already own a fan, you should seriously consider buying one even when you have an AC unit. Using a ceiling or a regular fan in the room of the house where people congregate makes the room feel 4 to 6 degrees cooler because of the effect the wind causes on our skin. Another fan that shouldn’t be disregarded is the AC fan, which when turned on, helps to evenly distribute the cool air by creating a cycle of air flow. Because of the constant movement of the air, this also improves the quality of the indoor air and stops the AC from often turn on and off. In order to save energy, it is important to avoid constantly turning the AC on and off, so the AC fan helps with that.

Check the Thermostat Temperature – Try to keep your thermostat at a temperature that is close to the outdoor temperature. The higher you are able to set the temperature, the lower your bill. Try to resist the temptation of turning your AC on full blast when you get home from a hot day out. This will make your unit work harder and cost you more. Another important tip here is not to keep any appliances, lamps, or devices near your thermostat as they may increase the temperature around it and give a false temperature reading. As a result, your AC will work more without the need of it.

Close Blinds and Curtains – There is no need to allow sunlight to come in the house and ruin your cool and comfortable environment. Close blinds and curtains to keep sunlight and heat outside. If you allow both to filter through, your unit will need to work extra hard because the house gets warmer. This extra work will increase your bill by a fair amount.