How to Choose the Right System

 Exterior AC unit installed on the side of a building in Minneapolis by Total Comfort.

Even when you know the brand and model you want, prices can vary by $1,000 or more! How can that be?

It’s a good idea to get a few estimates when making a major purchase decision like a heating and cooling system. But getting estimates can be confusing, because many variables affect pricing.

Ask your salesperson:

  • What brand?
  • What size?
  • How much?

Installation and design is critical to the efficiency and life of your system. It makes choosing an HVAC brand more complicated than any normal appliance.

Heating and air conditioning systems are the most expensive appliance in your home. An investment. The longer and more efficiently it runs, the more profitable it is.

Brand & Model

Each brand has hundreds of combinations. There are different models of furnaces, condensing units, and evaporator coils as well as efficiency levels, capacities, and sizes. Once you start taking bids, you’ll see many different choices. How can you decide?

Many contractors will give you an estimate on one or two brands (what they warehouse and sell). However, it wont matter what brand you choose if the system is installed improperly.

Problems that occur later (including shortened equipment life) are caused by the installation/improperly sized equipment. If your contractor can’t get a brand, you’re better off with another brand properly installed than your brand improperly installed.