How to Keep Your Furnace in Great Shape

Illustration of laughing furnace holding a wrench.When winter comes, you want to make sure your furnace runs well throughout these bitterly cold months. That’s why it’s important to make sure you maintain your furnace well and utilize important professional furnace services in Minneapolis as well. Here’s what you need to know.

Change Filter

Changing the filter is an easy task that is often overlooked; so if it’s helpful for you, put a reminder on your calendar or electronic device to help you remember to regularly do this. The frequency of filter changes often depends on how often the furnace is running; but it’s probable that during the winter months, the filter needs to be changed every month. Not only does this help increase the overall life expectancy of your furnace by keeping the inside clean, but it helps your furnace run more efficiently so that your utility bills will be lower.

Winterize Your Home

You can also help your furnace last longer by putting less stress on the furnace by better winterizing your home. This can be done by adding insulation to your home, lowering the thermostat a couple degrees, and better insulating windows and doors. When less heat is transferred through the attic and windows of your home, your furnace can run less frequently while still being able to keep your home at the temperature you prefer.

Utilize Professional Services

It’s also important to have a professional perform your annual furnace service in Minneapolis to prevent breakdowns, identify needed repairs, and increase the safety of your heating system. A professional inspection will identify blockages of the outdoor combustion air pipe and exhaust pipe and problems with the burners and heat exchanger. Cracks or holes in the heat exchanger may not cause your furnace to stop running, but it can allow deadly carbon monoxide gas to enter your home. The flame sensor and gas pressure will also be checked. This inspection makes it much more likely that your furnace will last longer and perform as it should throughout the winter.