How to Maintain Your Furnace

While furnaces were often considered the stuff of children’s nightmares, they are actually an essential and pleasant part of enjoying a warm home during a cold winter. Taking care of your furnace allows it to take care of you during the cold months, so read on for our top tips on furnace maintenance in Minneapolis.


One of the most underrated ways of keeping on top of things where your furnace is concerned is to simply pay attention. While it might seem easier to ignore your furnace until something major goes wrong, keeping up with inspections and maintenance will pay off in the long run. Catching problems early on keeps them from worsening, and addressing those problems keeps your machinery as efficient as possible, saving you money on energy costs.

Pay Attention to Filters

Dirty filters put extra strain on your system and make it less efficient, so keeping your filters clean and in good shape is a simple way to keep things running smoothly. Make sure all systems are off before attempting any cleaning and maintenance. Disposable filters should be changed according to the dates on the packaging, and reusable filters should be dusted and cleaned regularly.

Keep It Clean

Clean out floor vents, vacuum dust from all air registers, clean around the actual furnace, and clean out the combustion chamber to ensure that dust, debris, and other messes are kept away. Buildup can not only damage your machinery, it can also present major safety hazards. Have your system professionally serviced yearly to ensure that everything is done correctly and that all safety hazards are addressed.

Basic Maintenance

If you feel confident in your maintenance abilities, you can see to it that the blower motor is lubricated, the flame shield and burner are kept free of corrosion, and that the flue doesn’t have any gaps or dents that need to be addressed. If problems do arise, get them addressed immediately to keep things in the best shape possible.