Recently Replaced Furnace Still Doesn’t Work? Here’s Why

Technician from Total Comfort, an HVAC company in Minneapolis-St. Paul, finished a furnace installation.Here we go again. It’s winter time and the forecast predicts temperatures below zero and snow. The top of your winterizing list includes a shovel, salt, and snow tires. But at the very bottom is getting the furnace checked by a professional. Last year, many consumers had entire HVAC units replaced, and they still aren’t reliable. Believe it or not, millions of Americans deal with that same problem every winter. That is, until they contact an effective heating repair service in Minneapolis.

The first place to start is investigating when your heating unit isn’t working at optimal levels is determine whether your unit is radiant heat or forced air. Sometimes it really is a simple fix. A newly installed furnace that isn’t running correctly could mean thermostat batteries need replaced or that it’s time to change your filter. Double check that your thermostat is working, and flip the circuit breaker once. If that doesn’t work, it’s probably time to call an expert. A professional won’t abruptly leave after being paid. Instead, our technicians educate customers about the various reasons for heating problems to make trouble shooting easier next time.

Most problems with recently replaced systems stem from a poorly operating duct system, faulty design, installation errors, or poor maintenance. All of these can be easily diagnosed by one of our trained professionals.

Annual, ongoing preventative maintenance is a good way to make sure your heat is firing inside even when the flakes are flying outside. Total Comfort’s preventative maintenance service is only one click away. When it’s time to replace your furnace, we offer hybrid heating systems that typically save homeowners on energy costs. These fuel saving hybrids combine a furnace with a state of the art heat pump that can double as an air conditioner in the summer months.