Understanding How Your Furnace Works

Technician from HVAC company in Minneapolis, Total Comfort, repairing a furnace.As you walk into your home and enjoy your Minneapolis heating system, you’ve probably given little thought as to how it works. What happens from the moment that you turn on your heater at your thermostat to the moment that you’re sitting comfortably warm inside your home? What parts are working together to keep your homewarm?Here are the steps thata high-efficiency gasfurnace takes to warm up your home:

1. Call for Heat

You wake up in the morning to freezing temperatures and decide to turn on your heater. You walk over to your thermostat, turn it on, and turn up the heat to 70 degrees. When you do this, your furnace gets the call for heat.The furnacesprings to life and prepares to heat your home.

2. Inducer Fan Starts

The inducer fan starts and the pressure switch closes.The pressure switchworks to counter the negative pressure caused by the inducer fan and transfersthe pressurethrough theswitch.Then, theairtravels through a tube connected to the inducer fan.

3. Circuit Board Verification

The circuit board then recognizesthat it needs to turn on from the inducer. It makes sure that the limit and roll off switches are in theirclosed positions as they should be on a regular basis.It helps energize the hot surface ignitor and main gas valve, starting a timing circuit sequence.Minneapolis HVAC company technician holding clean filter beside furnace.

4. Gas Flows to Burners

Gas flows to the Venturi burners, whichmix the raw gas with airfrom your home.If your system uses forced air, your system will have power burners instead of the Venturi burners.As the gas makes contact with the hot surface ignitor, it ignites and warms up the air that passes through it.

5. Pulley Sensors Approve

The pulley then needs to be approved by theflame sensor. You’ll notice that this sensor is located on the opposite side of the furnace from the ignitor. The pulley ensures that the burners are hot and starts another timing sequence in the furnace.

The main blower will thenturn onto allow the sensors to read the temperature of the air in the home. The system will continue to workuntil the sensorsdetermine that the desired temperature has been reached.

6. Reaching Desired Temperature

When your home reaches your desired temperature, the sensors alert the rest of the furnace that it can turn itself off. The thermostat shuts off, and the system begins to cool itself down. The system de-energizes and shuts down the furnace to await the next time that you need it.

When it comes to keeping you warm, your Minneapolis heating system relies on lots of different parts to make sure that everything runs properly and warms your home in a jiffy. With the number of parts working to bring your furnace to life when you need it, it’s important to take care of your furnace. Take the time to have it tuned every year and complete the important maintenance steps, such as changing the air filter. If something isn’t working correctly, contact Total Comfort. We can walk through each part in your furnace to quickly diagnose the problem and help you find the best solution.