What Is a Forced Air Heating System?

Illustration of ductwork.There are many different types of heating systems available, especially if you are in the market for a new system. Chances are you have heard of forced air heating systems before, but you may not know exactly what they are and how they differ from the other options out there. When it comes to Minneapolis heating, it is important to know your options so that you can choose the best one for your home; and when the cold of winter comes around, you will be glad you have the luxury of consistent and reliable heat. 

What Is Forced Air Heating?

Simply put, forced air heating is a type of heating system that delivers heat to a desired area using air as a vehicle. The heated air travels through a system of ducts and is expelled through vents in order to maintain a certain temperature throughout your home. You set the desired temperature using a thermostat, and once that temperature is reached, the heat will shut off until the temperature in your home drops again and more heat is necessary. Forced air heating systems are probably the most common central heating systems used by homeowners in the United States, so chances are your home already has one in place or you have been to a home where there is one in regular use.

As can be expected, not all systems perform the same. Depending on the amount of money you are willing to spend, you will experience differing levels of noise, energy efficiency, comfort, and overall convenience. If you have had negative experiences before with a noisy or costly heating system, you will probably be more selective about the next one you choose to purchase.

Why Choose This Type of System?

Young woman adjusting thermostat in her St. Paul home.Because forced air heating is so popular, a large majority of homes already have the ductwork in place, making it easy to purchase a new system without needing to do any major construction. This keeps installation costs low, so you may have a bit more money available to purchase the right system for your needs. If you are looking to replace a different heating system in a home that is not forced air, installation may be a bit more expensive and will require more construction.

Many homeowners looking to build new homes choose forced air systems because of their reliability, as well as the comfortable delivery and quick heating ability. Also, many modern systems are built to be more versatile, allowing for the system to be used for cooling purposes as well as heating, making it a more useful investment all around.

Another benefit to consider with forced air systems is their ability to filter, humidify, and dehumidify the air as needed. This allows for a more comfortable living space, no matter the current conditions. Properly filtered air that contains the right amount of humidity can help you to stay healthy and feel more energized, and if it can all be accomplished with the same system that also heats your home, it is an investment worth making.

It is important to remember that, as with any heating system, forced air heating takes a certain amount of maintenance in order for it to do its job well and last a long time. You will need to change the air filters often and have the ducts cleaned on a regular basis to ensure that the air flowing through your home is clean and free of allergens. If you notice any problems, we advise contacting a Minneapolis heating specialist right away so that you can continue to enjoy a comfortable home during the cold winter months.