What Contractor Types are there?

If someone bids a low on your system it doesn’t mean they’re a thief or going to do shoddy work. There are a lot of differences in the way HVAC companies are run that may have a huge impact on the cost of your system.

There are basically three kinds of companies you can call to replace your system – large, medium and small.


Large nationwide HVAC companies like Sears, or your local utilities are stable and should be around for a long time. Their only real concern on your job is to get done as quickly as possible and move on. These big companies may not be as responsive to your service needs as a local company might be.


Medium sized local service companies usually have anywhere from 5 to 50 service trucks on the road and are geared more toward quick, efficient service and sales. It may cost a little more to do business with these types of companies, but if you do your homework (see above), you may be better off than you would be with the other two alternatives.


The tiny “mom and pop” type company can usually give you a lower price than almost anyone else (they have very little overhead to cover), but what about training, new technologies, and advanced equipment? Many of these HVAC companies don’t have the proper equipment and may not be licensed properly. They also might not be as stable because of their size. If you need service, they’re often booked up for days at a time because there are just one or two people running service calls.

Don’t use these heating and cooling companies unless you just absolutely have to have the lowest price and you’re willing to take the risk that accompanies that decision.

The medium-sized company that’s been around for a while can usually provide better, faster service. If they’ve been in business for 15 years or more, they’re probably pretty stable.

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[callout]Remember, quick response is everything when it comes to your heating or air conditioning. Make sure whomever you choose will be there when you need them.[/callout]