David – Golden Valley, MN

We replaced our HVAC 6 years ago, but the 3rd floor bedrooms have always been too warm in the summer, and the AC would freeze up. A friend suggested that I call Total Comfort to see what was wrong.

Their expert took the time to explain what was causing all the problems — it wasn’t the equipment, but the way it was installed. He spent a great deal of time going over how all of the bottle necks in my ducts were causing the entire network to overwork.

Their install crew was punctual, clean, and very polite when I hung around to ask them questions. They wanted to get our system up and running as it was supposed to be hot in the next few days, so asked if they could stay through dinner time to complete it. Who does that today?

We are 100% satisfied with Total Comfort. They have incredible expertise over and above the norm, so I am confident this time I made the right choice.

David — Golden Valley, MN