HVAC Services in Apple Valley, MN

Living in Apple Valley means you need to have a fantastic HVAC system in place so your home is comfortable year-round. Between our frigid winters and humid summers, your heating and cooling systems have to work hard to keep up. To make sure you have reliable HVAC systems in place in your Apple Valley home, choose Total Comfort for heating and air conditioning.

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Furnace Services in Apple Valley, MN

With the frigid Minnesota winters, you need a furnace that will heat your home even on the most freezing days. With Total Comfort’s furnace services, your home will stay warm all winter long.

Furnace Installation & Replacement

Today’s furnaces have progressed enormously in terms of automation and fuel efficiency. A contemporary system will bring a whole host of benefits, so consider upgrading your furnace with installation and replacement services from our team.

Furnace Repair

If your furnace is racking up massive energy bills or emitting odd scents and sounds, we’ll make quick work of the problem and repair your furnace to working order. Our repair service comes without hidden costs or obligations, so you only pay for the work we do.

Furnace Maintenance

Routine maintenance will address corrosion, damage, blockages, and debris-filled blowers. Regular preventative care will also keep your motor oiled so that your furnace can achieve its full life expectancy and operate at peak efficiency.

Apple Valley, MN Air Conditioning Services

Few families can survive an Apple Valley summer in total comfort without an air conditioner. When you call Total Comfort, our cooling services will keep your home comfortable from the warmth and humidity.

AC Installation & Replacement

If your AC isn’t working up to par, it’s time to get it replaced. Our Apple Valley team is skilled at addressing the local climate, so we’ll guide you through the market until you find the perfect product for your home and budget. We pride ourselves on our precise installations and friendly service.

AC Repair

If your air conditioner is driving up your utility bills, cycling frequently, or emitting odd scents and sounds, it’s time to call a repair company. Total Comfort will diagnose the problem accurately, then provide a reliable, lasting repair that fits your budget.

AC Maintenance

No air conditioner lasts forever, but you can extend your unit’s service life by performing regular maintenance. An annual or biannual service routine will keep your AC running smoothly. We’ll replenish your fluids and clear out corrosion so that you can face the season in perfect comfort.

Heat Pump Services in Apple Valley, MN

We love heat pumps for Apple Valley homes because they help to take care of your comfort in both warm and cool weather. Keep your heat pump in tiptop shape with our heat pump services.

Heat Pump Installation & Replacement

Heat pump installation is a complex task, so it’s best reserved for the experts. We’ll do more than just install your system, though. We stock a huge range of brands and models, so we can guide your choices, too.

Heat Pump Repair

If your heat pump is achieving poor temperature control or using more energy than it once did, a repair will restore your comfort. If you’re experiencing odors, frequent cycling, or noise, you can count on us to address the problem the first time around.

Heat Pump Maintenance

Our predictive maintenance goes beyond routine services. We’ll perform preventative maintenance so that your unit retains its performance for its full service life.

Choose Total Comfort for Your Apple Valley Home!

Total Comfort has been in the HVAC industry since 1956. We have over 65 years of experience, and the skills we’ve gained in that time will serve you well. Our client-centric policies include no-obligation consults and quotes that are free from hidden costs. We’re proud of our NATE-certified team and know you’ll enjoy working with our technicians. They’re gifted diagnosticians who can trace the cause of any problem.

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