HVAC Services in Centerville, MN

Total home comfort can be difficult to achieve, even if you’ve invested in the finest HVAC system in the industry. Total Comfort believes in its namesake: We provide the utmost temperature control at the lowest possible price. We’re skilled at installing, repairing, and maintaining the industry’s finest units because no family should have to deal with Minnesota weather when they’re indoors.

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Furnace Services in Centerville, MN

A furnace is critical for getting through Minnesota’s winters, so our team at Total Comfort offers high-quality furnace services, including:

Installation: Today’s furnaces have dialed up the efficiency by eliminating air wastage, so you can save on your energy bills by upgrading your furnace. If your furnace is old or frequently breaking down, it may also be time for a replacement.

Maintenance: We perform tune-ups of all models, from the oldest gas units to the latest pilot light-free models. Annual maintenance is a great way to extend the life span of your system.

Repair: If your furnace is emitting an odd scent or sound, the odds are excellent that you need a repair. We’ll make quick work of poor air quality and discolored pilot lights, too.

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Centerville Air Conditioning Services

Today’s best air conditioners can make summer days a lot easier to enjoy. Our comprehensive AC services include:

Installation: Modern AC units are silent, dust-removing, and even internet-connected. That means cleaner air to breathe. Smart features allow you to reduce your monthly spending by giving you full control of their usage hour upon hour, so now’s a great time to update your AC.

Maintenance: Regularly maintained AC units have an extended service life and a lower risk profile. If your current air conditioner is cycling frequently and driving up your utility bills, a service might improve its efficiency. Frequent maintenance will keep your unit efficient and effective.

Repairs: There are several other signs that you might need a repair:

  • Your unit isn’t making a dent in your household allergens
  • Your system is blowing hot air
  • Your thermostat is no longer operational
  • Your AC is producing odd scents and sounds
  • Your home is humid no matter how long your AC has been on.

Total Comfort will take care of your air conditioner from the first moment you install it until the final tune-up and replacement. Call us to discuss your air conditioning needs at 763-383-8383.

Heat Pump Services in Centerville, MN

Heat pumps are a highly efficient option that both heats and cools your home. They’ll reduce your carbon footprint and maintenance responsibilities, so if you’re looking for an easy cooling solution, you’ve met your match.

Installation: Our heat pump installations will take control of your comfort throughout the year, so they’re perfect for those who value simplicity. There are no heating and cooling alternatives that beat the capacity and energy efficiency of heat pumps, particularly when you consider the money you save on air conditioning costs.

Repair: If your heat pump is cycling frequently or emitting unexpected scents and sounds, it’s time to schedule a repair.

Maintenance: We handle preventative maintenance to reduce the need for expensive repairs. Heat pumps need to be serviced twice a year. This will clear obstructions, repair leakage, and replace your filters.

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Choose Total Comfort for Your Centerville Home

Total Comfort is an award-winning HVAC company that first opened its doors in 1956, so you can count on our team’s skill and precision. As a locally owned and run company, we’ve built a reputation for providing 100% satisfaction — guaranteed.

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