Furnace Replacement in Kansas City

A properly installed and rigorously maintained furnace system can provide roughly a decade of dependable home heating. Once your system is no longer providing the heating power you need, however, it’s time to select a service team for furnace replacement. Total Comfort of Kansas City is the team you’re looking for!

With decades of experience, NATE-certified technicians, and access to top-class furnace systems from leading manufacturers, Total Comfort is your one-stop shop for complete heating services and new furnace installation.

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Signs You Need a Furnace Replacement

It’s actually pretty rare to need a furnace replacement completely out of the blue. The majority of the time your system will exhibit clear signs that something is wrong. Knowing these can prompt you to get a professional assessment before you find yourself without proper home heating during a Kansas City cold snap, so keep watch for the following!

My Furnace’s Heating Costs Are Rising

Paying attention to your energy or fuel costs can be a great way to keep a finger on the pulse of your furnace’s overall health and performance. Much of the time a furnace will continue to run—even with a problem—but this often leads to the system running longer and harder, resulting in sharp spikes in heating costs.

My Furnace Is Making Strange Noises

Loud, persistent, or unusual noises come as a result of a damaged or loose furnace component. Depending on the part in question, furnace repair might be possible. If a part is not reparable, a furnace replacement might be needed. What’s important is to get furnace service fast if you notice any screeching, ticking, squeals, banging, or grinding noises.

My Furnace Is 10 Years Old or Older

If properly maintained a furnace can last 10, sometimes 15 years. Beyond this time frame you’ll notice an increased need for repairs, rough running, poor heating power, and bad furnace efficiency. The most cost-effective solution is to replace the furnace in this situation.

I Need Furnace Repair Too Often

A one-off repair isn’t anything to get too stressed about. But when you call for furnace repair yearly, even every two years, the costs can mount in a hurry. If you’re paying repair bills left and right, replacing your furnace can provide a better and far less stressful solution.

Why Choose Total Comfort for Your Kansas City Furnace Replacement?

Total Comfort has been providing comprehensive HVAC services including furnace installation and replacement for over six decades. We work hard to ensure our clients get the best by always offering certified and experienced technicians, top-class furnace products, and our complete customer satisfaction guarantee. If you need furnace replacement from professionals that put your comfort and needs above all else, call on Total Comfort!

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