Frequently Asked Questions About Kansas City HVAC Services

If I purchased new equipment for my Kansas City home, how long will it take for you to get to my job?

We can often get you up and running the same day. In most cases, you never need to wait longer than a day unless you want to schedule a later installation date. In any event, we strive to ensure our clients are never left without heating or air conditioning overnight.

Do you recycle all my old equipment and refrigerant?

Yes, we do. We transport any equipment we remove from your Kansas City home directly to a local recycling company.

Do you use your own installation specialists, or do you hire subcontractors?

We use only in-house certified technicians for all HVAC jobs. For electrical work that is beyond our capability, we use a local licensed electrician.

Besides my equipment warranty, what other guarantees do you provide?

We offer a 1-year buy-back guarantee. For up to one full year, if you’re not happy with your Kansas City home’s new HVAC system and we’re unable to make things right, we’ll remove the equipment and give you a complete refund.

What brands do you sell? Why?

We sell Trane, Lennox, and Rheem furnaces and air conditioning systems. Like most HVAC companies, though, we can buy from just about any manufacturer you have in mind. We highly recommend Trane systems, as in our opinion they are the only genuine “manufacturer” of equipment. No matter which conditions Trane’s products are subject to, they’ve never let us down. For indoor air quality and specialty equipment, we carry Aprilaire, Arzel, BreatheClean, Desert Springs, Guardian Air, Honeywell, Mitsubishi, and LifeBreath equipment.

How do you calculate the correct size for my replacement equipment?

Unlike many other HVAC service providers, we use a heat load calculation. Our technicians are trained to perform an accurate heat load analysis of your Kansas City home and then provide you with a printout of the results. We believe it’s the one sure way to achieve an optimum comfort solution for your home.

Is there a way to compare my old equipment to new, high-efficiency equipment?

Yes! After performing the heat load calculation, we can provide a computerized energy analysis that shows you a comparison of several systems as well as their approximate operating costs.

Do you guarantee my new HVAC equipment will perform as efficiently as claimed?

Yes, we’re one of the few local HVAC service providers who are ComfortMaxx certified through the National Comfort Institute. For all new high-efficiency equipment, we offer installed efficiency testing and verification to ensure every component of your new system, including the equipment, ducts, grilles, registers, and accessory components like air cleaners and humidifiers, perform as promised. Our trained technicians analyze your Kansas City home’s system and identify any problem areas that could compromise your system’s efficiency, your home’s comfort, or your family’s health.

How can I know Total Comfort will do a good job?

We understand substandard work is a real concern for many Kansas City homeowners. Total Comfort places an emphasis on our core values of honesty, integrity, accountability, and professionalism to ensure our customers are happy with the services we provide. We’re proud to say we’ve also won two national awards for our quality installations and service.