HVAC Preventative Maintenance in Kansas City

Maintenance plays a critical role in keeping your Kansas City home’s HVAC systems running as smoothly and efficiently as possible. You know that, but you also know that keeping up with service calls can be a huge hassle! Do you want routine, biannual tune-up services with no hassle at all? Do you like being a priority client, and are you fond of getting discounts on services? Our Preferred Client Club gives you all of the above!

At Total Comfort, we’re dedicated to providing leading solutions and services for all homeowners in the Kansas City area. We don’t want you to get any old service—we want you to get the best, and with our Preferred Client Club membership, we can ensure you’re getting it.

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Air Conditioner & Furnace Tune-Ups

As a member of our club, you’ll get more than a quick check on your heating and cooling systems. Come the summer season—and once again in the winter—we’ll arrive to perform a comprehensive maintenance service for your cooling and heating equipment respectively. Our program includes in-depth cleaning, comprehensive component and performance inspections, safety and electrical checks, and much more!

Priority Scheduling for HVAC Maintenance

During the busier seasons, it can be an outright nightmare to find a service technician available to help you out. Kansas City weather isn’t going to wait, though! But don’t worry, because as a member of our club you’re guaranteed same-day service as long as you catch us before noon. Did you catch us a bit later? No worries—we’ll be there first thing the following day! We never want to see you stuck without proper home comfort, so we take every step we can to ensure you’re totally covered all year round.

15% Discount on HVAC Repairs

Maintenance goes a long, long way in avoiding a lot of the most common risks for a breakdown. But you just can’t plan for everything, and sometimes the system might go down anyway. Should that happen, you’ll get a flat 15% off the total cost of the repair!

Consecutive Loyalty Credit

Loyalty is a pretty big word around here at Total Comfort. We’re absolutely loyal to our clients, and our club members are loyal to us, too! For each consecutive year that you stick with our experts, you’ll receive a $50 loyalty credit that can go toward your next HVAC system purchase. These credits can cover up to 10% of the total purchase cost, they don’t expire as long as you’re a member, and you can even credit them to friends and family members.

Become a Preferred Client Club Member with Total Comfort in Kansas City!

Does the total coverage and boosted comfort that our Preferred Client Club can provide sound like a great deal to you? We would love to hear from you, and we would love even more to help you get the service, quality, and comfort you deserve!

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