HVAC stands for the four basic components that help create and maintain a comfortable living environment inside your home: heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. There’s a wide variety of heaters, whether they be gas- or electric-powered, and air conditioners such as one placed in the window or centralized through a network of ducts. The heat […]

Radiant heating is making a comeback in Minneapolis, MN, as advances in technology and home construction have emerged. When you hear the term, you probably think back to the white coil radiators made of cast iron. The design has come a long way since then. Here is everything you need to know about radiant heating […]

Is your air conditioner out of commission on the hottest day of the year? Perhaps cooler weather is setting in and you want a tune up for your furnace. No matter your reason for contacting an expert in HVAC in MN, Total Comfort is your one stop shop! Whether you need assistance with heating or cooling, […]

Waiting for a problem to happen in the middle of winter before contacting a professional is perhaps one of the riskiest decisions you can make when it comes to taking care of your heating system. Because we offer a range of furnace services in Minneapolis, we want to help our customers see the importance of […]

In order to maintain a healthy body, it’s recommended that you get an annual physical exam and that you eat a balanced diet and exercise. The same care should be given to your furnace to ensure that it continues to function as expected for many years. It’s important to check out your furnace on a […]

Summer is home to the few months of the year full of pool parties, ice cream sandwiches, fireworks, and suntan lines. Summer is a time to relax and enjoy life, and there is nothing quite like it. One of the best moments that summer has to offer is that instant you walk from the brutal […]