CALL US TODAY 763.447.3797
CALL US TODAY 763.447.3797

We have never done this unbelievable offer before! As we get closer to A/C season, in order to clear furnace inventory and purchase this coming season’s A/C units at great bulk pricing, we are giving away a free furnace WITH the purchase of an air conditioner. This deal is only good on certain models, certain sizes, and only offered until May 15, 2018.

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Here’s how to take advantage

Call 763-447-3797, press 1 for replacement. We will come out and determine the availability of the proper size. As of right now, I only have 26 furnaces left over in various sizes and efficiencies. When they are gone, this remarkable offer ends. First come, first served!

We will show you the real-world price of the A/C or heat pump that fits your home. Then, we will show you the substantial savings. The price will include all labor, installation materials, and a full parts and labor warranty on your new system. Nothing is left out or as a surprise on your bill later!

no obligation!

Even after we completely explain the installation, there is absolutely no obligation. If you decide you don’t want to take advantage of this spectacular savings, that’s OK.

You Can Buy with No Cash
You don’t even have to pay us right away for your new air conditioner. We have set up terrific financing with competitive rates—currently we’re offering a 0% interest financing with this offer. Consider this: If you decide to make monthly investments instead of paying cash, the amount of your investment might be offset by the savings on your utility bills. It’s like having your cake and eating it too!
Why This Great Deal? Our Problem Is Your Opportunity
At the beginning of winter, we purchase a number of furnaces by estimating how many we’ll need to meet the demand of the coming season. Of course, we’re never exactly right. We always have some inventory left over until next winter’s heating season. These are brand new Rheem models. And they are NOT seconds or “builder” models. They are factory fresh PREMIUM furnaces and have a full parts and labor warranty.
Here’s how to take advantage

By letting YOU win big now, we will win at the end of the year. We’re betting that if we make you an offer that is “irresistible,” you have a brand-new home comfort system, and in turn, we will accomplish three things:

Get rid of our leftover furnace inventory.
Help cover our rent, utilities, insurance and taxes in the slow months before it gets hot.
Pay our professional staff of 15 technicians to work instead of paying them to sit home.
If we can accomplish these three objectives, we will minimize my losses, and the rest of the year can be a winner for us (while you sit in the comfort of your home year-round with energy efficient systems installed professionally).
Why This Offer Can’t Last

You must act before the end of May! Here’s why: we only have a limited number of matched Rheem systems left over. When all of the in-stock furnaces are sold, that’s it.

If we have any of the leftover systems after 5/15/2018 (unlikely with the value of this promotion) this offer still ends.

Give Total Comfort a call now at 763-447-3797 and set an appointment for your estimate.

CALL US TODAY 763.447.3797
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