HVAC Services in St. Paul, MN

For over 65 years, Total Comfort has provided St. Paul area homeowners with exceptional HVAC repair, replacement, and installation services. Our award-winning services are designed to keep our customers’ homes comfortable all year long.

Our emphasis on quality repairs and installations is unmatched by other St. Paul area HVAC providers. We’re famous for our prompt and professional service!

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Furnace Services in St. Paul

Furnaces didn’t achieve their popularity without reason. They’re effective, economical, and energy-efficient, but every system breaks down from time to time. You can tell you need professional repairs if:

  • You’re picking up an unusual scent
  • The pilot light is discolored
  • You’re having trouble starting up your furnace
  • Your unit isn’t achieving the temperatures it once did
  • Your air quality has diminished
  • Your carbon monoxide detector has tripped

Furnaces have an impressive life span, but a repair might not be practical if your unit is 15 to 20 years old. We’ll handle your replacement with ease and efficiency. Our installation and replacement service is always provided with a smile.

If those St. Paul winters are feeling a little nippier than they once did, call Total Comfort at (763) 383-8383 to discuss a new unit today.

We also perform routine maintenance so you can keep your furnace in peak condition.

Air Conditioning Services in St. Paul

The region’s humidity adds to that “real-feel” discomfort in the summer, so it’s time to stop tolerating unbearable heat in your home. Get your AC back into excellent condition with our repair team. You can tell your unit needs attention if:

  • You’ve noticed weak airflow
  • Your unit is producing unpleasant sounds and odors
  • You see pooling around your AC
  • Your unit isn’t producing cool air
  • You notice frequent cycling
  • Your evaporator coil is frozen

We’ll tune up your unit, clean your coils, and replace your refrigerant. If you’re ready to replace your old unit or install a brand-new system, Total Comfort will ensure the process goes without a hitch.

Our installation team will help you choose the perfect unit for your priorities. It’s important to choose the right size and ductwork, so we’ll consult with you before your installation.

Heat Pump Services in St. Paul

Heat pumps are one of the most pocket-friendly ways to handle your indoor climate. We’ll troubleshoot problems accurately and provide a lasting repair. It’s time to repair your heat pump if:

  • It’s become noisy
  • Your heat is turning on and off often
  • Your unit isn’t heating your home as effectively as it once did
  • Your heat pump is producing uneven results
  • You’re detecting an unusual scent.

The Total Comfort team will also help you choose a replacement unit according to your budget and climate control requirements.

Heat pumps can only achieve their best results if they’re correctly placed and accessible. We’ve been working with HVAC technology since 1956. We’ll pour our considerable skill into an expert installation or replacement, then handle your routine maintenance.

Why Choose Total Comfort?  

Total Comfort handpicks every technician who works for us, so you can expect excellent work quality from certified pros. We’re an award-winning team that’s been developing its skills since we launched our business in 1956.

We work with all the biggest brands, always remembering that respect and courtesy are more important than profits. On a budget? Try our financing options. We’ll give you trustworthy, upfront costs with no hidden fees.

If you want the best HVAC services available in St. Paul, call 763-383-8383 or contact us online.