Zone Control Systems

Zone control systems are designed to provide independent temperature settings over the different areas of your home.

This system eliminates the hassle having to open and close vents around your house throughout the year. Zone control systems even allow you to temporarily close off a room not used during the day and have it heat back up again at night.

The most common application for zone control systems is cooling one level of the home more or less than another. The upstairs and the downstairs both have their own thermostats or separate sides of the home. A zone control system is a crucial step in making your home heated and cooled correctly.

It is vital that a zone control system be designed and installed properly by an experienced technician. The installer has to be sure that your existing duct system is designed properly and that the furnace will function with a zone control system. If it’s not, the zone control system won’t be as effective, may not work at all or may overheat your furnace and overcool your condenser.

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Note: Zone control systems usually function best with a Two-Stage or Two-Stage Variable furnace.