Air Conditioning Replacement Services in Minneapolis and St. Paul

Total Comfort offers top-notch air conditioning replacement services in the Minneapolis and St. Paul areas. Our skillfully trained technicians are here to help you through the process of replacing your air conditioning unit and answer any questions you have. If you’re unsure if your AC unit needs to be replaced, read below to see if your AC unit is doing any of the following.

Does Your Air Conditioning Unit…

Make Strange Noises?

Strange noises like banging or screeching from your air conditioner are never a good sign. When you hear unusual noises from your AC unit, it could indicate that there are loose belts or rattling pipes inside that will require a replacement as soon as possible. 

Require Frequent Repairs?

If you’re having your AC unit frequently repaired, it may just be time for a replacement. No one likes to have to worry about their air conditioner going out on a hot day. A replacement can save you time and money, as well as give you comfort when you need it the most. 

Smell Bad?

When you flip on your air conditioning, and it smells musky, mildewy, or moldy, then that means bacteria and fungus are growing inside your AC unit, and it needs to be serviced or cleaned immediately. These odors contaminate the air that you and your family breathe in, which can make you sick and cause health problems. If a cleaning doesn’t fix the orders, a replacement will be needed.

Have Uneven Temperatures?

If one half of your house is cool but the other half isn’t, then the airflow in your air conditioner needs maintenance. Uneven temperatures and airflow can lead to a buildup of moisture in the unit, which can cause mold to grow and give off foul odors. 

Cause High Energy Bills?

If you notice your energy bills spike, even when your AC isn’t in use, that could mean that your unit needs to be looked at by a professional to diagnose the problem. You could have a draft, or your unit turns on and off when it’s not supposed to—both could be reasons for why your energy bill is so expensive. 

Freeze Coils?

The outdoor condenser coils could freeze due to a refrigerant leak or other issues associated with your air condition unit. If this happens, then it could create a blocked coil that causes the compressor to overheat and burn out. 

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The Benefits of a New Air Conditioner

Lower Energy Costs: Once your air conditioner hits the ten-year mark, you may start to notice your energy bill increase because your unit is working harder than it should. A newer air conditioner can cut your energy usage in half, making your month-to-month bill cheaper. Although the initial installation may be expensive, it will save you much more money in the long run. Also, check to see if your warranty, landlord, HOA, or insurance company will cover the costs of a new AC unit. 

Better Indoor Quality: Older AC units can cause the temperature in your home to fluctuate, making it so that when you turn it on, it blows at full blast. When you replace your unit with a new one, you’re able to control the speed at which air flows to deliver precise cooling.

Extended Warranties: Your air conditioner usually comes with a warranty, but once that expires, you are left to pay the full amount for the repairs. Before this happens, you can upgrade to a newer unit that has a longer warranty to extend your air conditioner’s lifetime and usage.

Quieter Systems: When your AC unit ages, it can start to make strange noises that can sometimes be repaired, but oftentimes will require a replacement. New units are sleek in design and are much quieter than older air conditioning systems. 

How Many Years Should an AC Unit Last?

Your AC unit should last you about 10-15 years. The lifespan of your air conditioning unit is dependent on how well you maintain it, the rate at which you use it, and the climate you’re located in. With that being said, when your air conditioner isn’t in use for a large part of the year, it’s even more important to have it serviced. Once summer comes around, you want to make sure it is properly functioning and will last you through the hot season. 

Total Comfort Air Conditioning Replacement Services

If you’re concerned about your current AC unit, rest assured that Total Comfort can help. If your unit is malfunctioning, then our team can promptly investigate and diagnose any issues to recommend either repairs or a full replacement. In addition, to keep your air conditioning unit running smoothly, we recommend receiving annual air conditioning maintenance services.

Turn to Total Comfort for expert air conditioner replacement services in St. Paul or Minneapolis, Minnesota.


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