Furnace Services in St. Paul & Minneapolis, Minnesota

You need a reliable and durable heating system in your home or commercial building, which is why choosing the right furnace is an important decision. Our technicians at Total Comfort can help you choose between electric or gas furnaces and quickly install the new unit for you.

When you need furnace services in St. Paul or Minneapolis, Minnesota, get in touch with our team today to set up an appointment.

Electric Furnace Replacement

When you need to update your heating system, our skilled professionals are here to help. Our team will handle the entire process, from assessment to installation, and can conduct repairs when problems arise.

We will seamlessly upgrade your system to a new electric furnace and ensure its functionality and your comfort. Trust us to provide reliable and lasting furnace replacements that keep your home warm and cozy throughout the seasons.

Gas Furnace Replacement

Gas furnaces are a popular choice for home heating due to their efficiency. When winter chills arrive, a gas furnace offers reliable comfort. Whether you need a new installation or a replacement, a dependable natural gas furnace is a great option.

Benefits of a Gas Furnace

While gas furnaces may be a bit “old-fashioned,” they still prove to be reliable devices that provide maximum comfort and keep your energy costs low. Before choosing your next heating system, learn how you can benefit from a new gas furnace in your home or commercial building.

  • Energy Efficiency: Gas furnaces stand out with their impressive energy efficiency ratings. Additionally, the affordability of natural gas as an energy source, compared to electricity or heating oils, leads to cost savings with every system operation.
  • Power: Gas furnaces boast unbeatable heating power, capable of tackling even the coldest temperatures effectively. Their superior heating capacity ensures consistent warmth.
  • Convenience: The convenience of natural gas is unmatched, as it’s directly piped into your home. You’ll eliminate concerns about heating oil shortages or missed deliveries, ensuring uninterrupted comfort.

At Total Comfort, we are committed to keeping you and your family warm during the brutal winters. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for our furnace services in St. Paul or Minneapolis, Minnesota.


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