Air Handler Services in Minneapolis & St. Paul, Minnesota

Are you looking to increase your indoor air quality? By installing an air handler in your home or commercial building’s HVAC system, you will notice more accurate temperatures and have a more energy-efficient system.

Our experienced technicians from Total Comfort can help you with any service relating to air handlers, including installation, repairs, and maintenance. When you need assistance with your air handler in St. Paul or Minneapolis, Minnesota areas, get in touch with our team today and set up an appointment.s intended for years to come.

What Is an Air Handler?

An air handler is a critical component of your heating and cooling system that is responsible for circulating conditioned air throughout your home or commercial space. This device is equipped with air filters and blowers to remove contaminants from the air. By ensuring proper airflow and clean air distribution, it helps create a comfortable and healthy living or working environment.

Air Handler Installation

When our technicians at Total Comfort handle the installation of your air handler, you can rest assured that everything will be connected correctly. If you need a new unit, trust experts to help you find the best model to match your HVAC system and is within your budget.

If you already have an air handler installed and need a new one, we will replace your current unit with a new one. We will make sure that this job is done quickly and carefully, so you can be more comfortable.

Air Handler Repair

When your air handler starts malfunctioning, you are vulnerable to poor air quality, low comfort, and other drawbacks. Our professionals are here to address problems from the moment you notice them with our air handler repair service. When we find the issues, we will conduct the proper repairs to get your unit back in working order.

Common air handler problems are:

  • Clogged Filters
  • Failed Blower Motor
  • Damaged Components

Air Handler Maintenance

By investing in our air handler maintenance services in Minneapolis and St. Paul, you will protect the longevity of your heating and cooling system. We will keep your unit in top-notch condition so that it can properly function throughout the year. Every year, we will replace air filters, clean the unit, and tune up all components.

Contact us at Total Comfort to schedule an appointment with our team. For all air handler services in St. Paul and Minneapolis or the surrounding areas call us at 763-307-4954.


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