Emergency AC Repair in St. Paul & Minneapolis

Has your air conditioning system broken down, leaving you and your family uncomfortable during the summer? Not having adequate cooling is not ideal and could lead to expensive repairs or replacements in the future.

Don’t allow your AC unit to cause disruptions to your home life. Our expert technicians at Total Comfort are available to help you with any emergency AC repairs in St. Paul and Minneapolis, Minnesota areas. If you need immediate repairs, call us today at (763) 307-4954.

Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs Repair

When you have a malfunctioning air conditioning system, you may have poor indoor air quality, increased energy bills, safety hazards, and other drawbacks. That is why addressing issues when you first notice them is important so you can prevent extensive and expensive air conditioning repair services. If you notice any of the following problems, reach out to us for assistance:

  • Inadequate Cooling
  • Smelly Odors
  • Strange Noises
  • High Humidity
  • Water Leaks
  • Faulty Thermostat

emergency air conditioner repair

Emergency AC Repair Services We Offer

Whether signs of repair have just started, or your air conditioner isn’t working at all, no one wants to deal with an air conditioning emergency. Total Comfort offers emergency AC repair services with industry-leading technology and state-of-the-art equipment. 

Total Comfort’s AC repair services include:

  • Refrigerant replacement
  • Thermostat repair or replacement
  • Air filter repairs or replacement
  • Ductless heating and cooling services
  • Central air unit repair 
  • Air purifier repair and installation
  • Humidifier and dehumidifier services

Our Priority Maintenance Plan

Total Comfort understands that you and your household rely on heating and cooling services to stay comfortable at all times. That is why Total Comfort recommends joining their HVAC maintenance program. This program is designed to avoid expensive repairs by regular visits by industry experts to maintain your HVAC system. Not only will you save money, Total Comfort offers priority service to maintain your warranties. 

Members of this program enjoy a multitude of perks such as: 

  • Up to 15% discount on repairs
  • 10% discount on after-hours rates
  • Priority scheduling 
  • Two-year parts and one-year labor warranty
  • Two full safety and maintenance tune-ups
  • Maintain warranty eligibility

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Residential and Commercial Emergency AC Repair Service

If your air conditioner is breaking down or causing any other issues, rely on our professionals at Total Comfort. We will listen to your concerns and thoroughly investigate your unit so we can create the best solution possible.

If we find that repairs won’t be sufficient, we can replace your current unit and install a new one. Get in contact with us today and let us know how we can help.

We Provide 24/7 AC Repair in the Minneapolis & St. Paul Area

An air conditioner could break down at a moment’s notice. That is why we are available 24/7 so you can receive the services you need. No matter the time or day, our skilled technicians are available to help you with your AC unit. These problems are inconvenient, which is why you need a convenient solution.

If you are in need of emergency AC repairs in St. Paul and Minneapolis, Minnesota, contact us today at (763) 307-4954, and we will be right over to help.

Common Air Conditioner Problems and How We Handle It 

Your air conditioner may run into several problems during its lifespan. Some of these problems are common, some of them not so much. Below are several common problems with air conditioners and how we handle them. 

Low Refrigerant

The refrigerant in your air conditioner is responsible for transferring heat to keep the system cool. When refrigerant runs low, the system struggles to maintain optimal efficiency and may result in freezing, or inadequate cooling. 

Once Total Comfort has determined this is the issue with your air conditioner, they’ll resupply the refrigerant to make sure your system is cooling properly.  

Bad Capacitor

The capacitors in your air conditioner provide a boost of energy to the electric motors within the system to start and run. Capacitors weaken over time and will need to be replaced. If you hear a buzzing noise coming from your outside AC unit and nothing seems to be blowing or turning, this may indicate a bad or blown capacitor. A Total Comfort technician can diagnose the issue and take the necessary next steps for replacement.  

Clogged Condensate Drain Line

The condensate drain line that is responsible for removing excess moisture from the air conditioner can become clogged over time. Like other drainage lines, the condensate drain line is prone to debris buildup and causes an overflow of water in the drain pan. Once this happens, water damage can soon follow. The pros at Total Comfort will help clear the drain line with compressed air and other methods. 

Failing Blower Motor

The blower motor in your air conditioning system is tasked with pushing air inside your home and the ductwork. Dirt and debris buildup as well as infrequent attention can leave them in bad working order. The blower motor also has a capacitor component, and when that goes bad, the blower motor follows. 

Recognizing a failed blower motor comes with electrical burning inside your home’s ductwork or rotating banging or grinding sounds. Total Comfort’s AC repair service will identify the issues around the blower motor and determine the next best action. 


Why is My AC Blowing Hot Air?

Warm air blowing out of your air conditioner happens for several reasons. Commonly, this occurs due to clogging problems, low refrigerant, faulty evaporator coils, or compressor issues. 

Why is My AC Unit Freezing up?

If you see ice buildup on your AC unit, this means it is freezing up. Your air conditioner can freeze up due to blocked airflow, refrigerant leaks, dirty evaporator coils, and a malfunctioning blower fan.

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For those in need of emergency air conditioner repair in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Total Comfort is a call away. Total Comfort offers 24/7 service to get you the solutions you need. Contact Total Comfort today at (612) 662-6286 or by visiting our website. Get your home back to the comfort you’re used to. 


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