Why Lawn Care Matters for Your Air Conditioning Unit

Rusty air conditioning unit outside of a St. Paul home.You likely think of lawn care as something you have to do in order to keep your yard visually appealing; it’s all about aesthetics, right? While this may be the driving force behind much landscaping and yard card, proper lawn maintenance can actually have an effect on your home’s overall condition. For example, failing to properly care for the trees on your property can result in root systems damaging your foundation or branches tearing up your roof.

One thing many homeowners don’t consider is how improper lawn care can affect their air conditioning unit. In fact, if you don’t keep with your yard work, you may find yourself needing to purchase a new air conditioner in Minneapolis. Here’s how.

Limited Air Intake

Your outdoor air conditioning unit needs to have proper air circulation in order to keep the air in your home nice and cool. If you’re not keeping your yard in good condition, tall grass, brush, and debris can limit the unit’s air intake and prevent the unit from cooling the air properly. It’s important that you keep your lawn cut and trimmed, and keep brush from growing too closely to your air conditioning unit.

During the fall, make sure that you clear away any fallen leaves, twigs, or other debris that may collect around the unit as well. Doing this will make sure that your air conditioner can continue circulating air without difficulty. Failure to do so means that your unit will struggle to circulate the air and can burn out much more quickly.

Damage to Fan Blades

AC unit freezing over outside of Minneapolis house.Inside of your exterior air conditioning unit is a fan that spins, helping to pump air through the system to keep your home cool. It’s important that these fan blades be able to spin freely, and that nothing obstructs them. But if you’re not maintaining your yard, branches and twigs from trees and shrubs can fall down into the air conditioning unit. When the fan blades spin, they will strike this debris, which can cause damage to the blades.

If the blades become bent or if a large piece of debris gets lodged in the fan, it won’t spin, and your air conditioning unit will stop working. Sometimes this can be fixed by simply removing the debris. Other times, however, you will need extensive repairs or a total replacement of the exterior unit.

Shifting Concrete

Proper yard care will also include monitoring the condition of the concrete around your home. Your exterior unit is usually placed on a concrete slab, and it’s important that you ensure this slab doesn’t crack or begin to shift or tilt. Sometimes, this type of damage to a concrete slab can occur due to improper watering or other poor yard care techniques.

If this begins to happen to the concrete slab under your air conditioning unit, then you risk causing irreparable damage to the unit. If you begin to notice any issues with the concrete slab under your A/C, then call out a concrete expert to repair it or raise the concrete if needed. This will protect your unit from damage.

Maintaining your lawn is an important part of maintaining your exterior air conditioning unit, so make sure you put in the yard time needed to keep it all in good shape. If you do find yourself in need of a new air conditioner in Minneapolisthen contact us.