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[/grid2] [gridend2] [acwrap] [acbar name=”Free Second Opinion”] If you’ve had your heat or air conditioning examined by another company and aren’t satisfied with their diagnosis, call us for a free second opinion.

Print this page and present it at the time of purchase to receive your discount. You must show a paid receipt from the other company to qualify for this offer.
[/acbar] [acbar name=”Receive a Free HeatMaxx/CoolMaxx Analysis”] Regular maintenance is a must for any home heating or cooling system.Equipment manufacturers recommend professional maintenance at least once a year. Our 16-point Tune-up will ensure your system

  • runs better
  • lasts longer
  • breaks down less often
  • costs less to operate

Right now, for a limited time, when you have our regular Tune-up performed, we’ll also do your Heat/CoolMaxx Analysis for no additional charge.

A Heat/CoolMaxx Analysis allows us to measure the air pressure throughout your system. From these tests we can analyze the airflow through your system and observe the resistance caused by your airfilters, coil, ductwork and registers. It gives us important clues that help identify hidden problems that may have been impossible to identify in the past. The Heat/CoolMaxx Analysis goes beyond standard equipment maintenance and can lead to improvements that have a dramatic impact on your budget, your health, your safety and your comfort.

For a limited time only, get aSeasonal Tune-up and Heat/CoolMaxx Analysis for just $99 (regularly $189.95). This offer is only available to first time customers only.
[/acbar] [acbar name=”$40 Off Professional Grade Carbon Monoxide Monitor”] Do you want to trust the health of your family to an ineffective detector?

You can buy a Carbon Monoxide (CO) detector at any hardware store. But there’s a difference between a detector and a monitor. Store bought detectors are horribly inadequate when it comes to protecting your loved ones from the dangers of CO. They won’t alert you until it’s virtually too late.

The NSI 3000 monitor is the best solution for safety conscious consumers. Here’s why…

  • Provides protection for all age groups and conditions, especially infants, children, the elderly, and highly sensitive or ill people. Other detectors barely provide minimal protection for healthy adults.
  • Lets you know there’s a problem before reaching dangerous, even deadly CO levels, long before the other detectors even begin to work.
  • This monitor employs the same electrochemical sensor technology found in professional CO Analyzers that cost thousands of dollars. These monitors are calibrated using CO, not electronic guesswork!

Order Online and save $40

Regularly $229 – Now Just $189 plus S&H

Download a PDF with more details here.
[/acbar] [acbar name=”Financing Options”] Home Projects Visa credit card
Buy what you want, when you want it with a Home Projects Visa credit card, it’s an easy and convenient way to pay for your purchases. Apply today!
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