Expert HVAC Services in Brainerd, MN

In Brainerd, residents are used to seeing weather that varies throughout the year. An HVAC system professionally serviced by Total Comfort is your best bet at staying comfortable and safe, whether it be a harshly bitter winter or a hot and humid summer! We offer comprehensive installations, replacements, repairs, and maintenance for heating, AC, and heat pump systems, so there’s bound to be a service that’s right for you!

By calling (763) 383-8383 or reaching out online, you can learn more about our services and schedule an appointment!

Furnace Services

Temperatures are known to drop dramatically in Brainerd, and homeowners need to be prepared before this happens. At Total Comfort, we offer furnace services that will ensure you’re left with nothing but a warm, toasty home.


Unfortunately, issues with your furnace can strike at any moment. When this happens, a furnace repair is needed — and quickly. From strange noises to uneven heating to short cycling, there are several telltale signs to watch out for.


Should you need a new furnace installed or are looking to replace an old, worn-down one, Total Comfort is the team to consider. We will guide you in deciding on the right furnace, ensuring it’s the one that will keep up with your many needs.


Scheduling a routine maintenance service is what it takes to keep your furnace running well! We’ll knock out cleanings, lubrications, inspections, etc., with absolute precision and care.

AC Services

Hot, muggy summers call for cool, crisp air in your home. To keep you, your loved ones, and your home refreshed, check out the air conditioning services offered by Total Comfort, including:


Don’t hesitate to schedule a repair should you come across any issues with your AC unit. These can be seen as a lack of cool air, short cycling, or unusually high utility bills.


The team at Total Comfort is adept at both new system installations and existing unit replacements! When you’re ready for a more advanced AC unit you can better rely on, schedule an appointment with us at your earliest convenience.


Regular maintenance should be scheduled for any of your home’s appliances, and AC units are no different. Total Comfort will be there to ensure all of your unit’s parts are working as they should by performing inspections and cleanings as necessary.

Heat Pump Services

A heat pump is a wonderful choice for regions that are met with varied weather throughout the year; that said, a heat pump may be the right choice for your Brainerd, MN, home! The heat pump services provided by Total Comfort include the following:


Is the quality of your home’s temperature uncomfortable, or are your utility bills higher than usual? Your heat pump could be malfunctioning and in need of repair. Schedule a service with us ASAP to avoid any worsening issues!


Total Comfort has the tools and knowledge necessary to install or replace a heat pump at your Brainerd residence. Ensuring you’ve got a modernized heat pump will guarantee adequate heating and cooling throughout the seasons.


Keep up with heat pump maintenance on a regular basis to extend the life span of your unit and make sure it’s working appropriately for each season.

Choose Total Comfort for Quality HVAC Services in Brainerd, MN

Total Comfort has been delivering satisfactory HVAC results to the Brainerd community since 1956. Locally-owned, we’ve honed our craft to ensure only the highest quality is achieved, focusing on the comfort and safety of each and every customer along the way. We are committed to increasing your home’s value, and we take pride in our ability to do so.

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