Residential HVAC Services in Chaska, MN

Trust Your Home’s Heating & Cooling to the Experts at Total Comfort

When it comes to your Chaska home, you want to ensure you have reliable heating and cooling systems to get you through those cold Minnesota winters and toasty summers. The right HVAC system helps you breathe easier and enjoy a comfortable indoor climate, so your heating and cooling equipment is an important contributor to your quality of life.

At Total Comfort, our team understands the importance of keeping your home at the right temperature, no matter the weather outside. Our expert HVAC services are designed to restore your home’s comfort in no time. That’s why we have NATE-certified technicians, skilled in installation, repair, and maintenance services, who will get the job done right the first time.

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Furnace Services in Chaska, MN

There’s a reason furnaces have been on the market as long as they have. They’re cost-effective, powerful, and versatile. They can work well with any cooling system. Not only that, but they’re a necessity for any Chaska homeowner come wintertime. Total Comfort will help you to choose the perfect furnace for your needs and priorities. If your existing furnace is showing worrying symptoms, we’ll find the problem and provide a lasting solution. We’ll handle all of your long-term furnace needs, including:

Air Conditioning Services in Chaska, MN

Chaska’s summers can be intense, so your air conditioner needs to address humidity as well as it does heat. On the hottest days, air quality indexes drop in response to pollen, pollution, and moisture. You needn’t suffer the effects, though. The right air conditioner will keep your air pure, cool, and comfortable.

Total Comfort will guide you through your new product choices or upgrade your existing AC. Our comprehensive air conditioning services include:

Heat Pump Services in Chaska, MN

Heat pumps are the hard workers of the HVAC industry. They can both heat and cool your home, making them a versatile option. They also offer great energy efficiency, so paired with a furnace, you’ll have reliable temperatures year-round.

Total Comfort is here to handle all your heat pump needs. Our heat pump services include:

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Total Comfort is an award-winning Home Depot partner with extensive experience in the industry. We always try to exceed our clients’ expectations through elite service excellence. Our installation quality and design have earned us the Quality Home Comfort Award. Our integrated HVAC system services are unparalleled.

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