HVAC Services in Eden Prairie, Minnesota

At Total Comfort, we’ve been serving homeowners since 1956. Our NATE-certified professional HVAC contractors believe in completing each and every job with the highest level of care and consideration. Whether your home’s HVAC system needs repair, installation, or maintenance, we can take care of you no matter what the job is.

When it comes to HVAC services, our emphasis on quality installation and service is unmatched by any other company in Eden Prairie. In fact, we have received two national awards because of it! No matter where you are in Eden Prairie, our experts will handle your furnace repair service call promptly and professionally!

Searching for “fast furnace repair near me”? At Total Comfort, we complete 85% to 90% of our service calls on the first trip.

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Air Conditioning Repair in Eden Prairie

Sticky Eden Prairie summers call for a reliable AC. So keep your cool by keeping your home cool, and watch for these common air conditioner problems:

  • Low refrigerant
  • Frozen evaporator coils
  • Dirty condenser coils
  • Loud and uncommon noises

You might be able to fix some AC issues by swapping out a faulty thermostat. However, for more involved AC repairs, you’ll want to trust a professional:

  • Refrigerant leaks keep your AC unit from removing heat and humidity from your home. Total Comfort technicians will identify and repair any leaks and replace parts if needed.
  • Dirty condenser coils and frozen evaporator coils can lead to unnecessary damage to your AC unit. A skilled HVAC technician can prevent these issues from worsening to prolong the life of your air conditioner.
  • Noisy AC units can point to a range of problems, from something as small as a loose part to a faulty compressor. Total Comfort’s pros will quickly find and correct the source of the problem.

Eden Prairie homeowners can also schedule heat pump repair and ductless HVAC repair with our credible service team.

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Expert Air Conditioning Installation & Replacement in Eden Prairie

A comfy home year-round isn’t just about the temperature ― it clears your mind for the things that actually matter by letting you truly relax. That’s what makes a new air conditioner a true investment in your health and your livelihood. The friendly pros at Total Comfort are highly trained in the proper installation of AC units from all major brands so that you’re sure to get your air conditioning needs solved quickly and without hassle.

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Furnace Repair in Eden Prairie

Eden Prairie furnaces are some of the most underappreciated home appliances. After all, they’ve got a big job of keeping your whole home and family warm in those Eden Prairie winters. Show your furnace some gratitude by watching for these common furnace issues:

  • Pilot light or electric ignition trouble
  • Frequent cycling
  • A blower that won’t stop running
  • Strange noises

Your handy tool belt may help you DIY some issues, but you may need a professional furnace repair service for any of these problems:

  • Broken parts and mechanical issues: Not only is it wise to call an HVAC professional, but your warranty may require it.
  • Faulty components in your pilot light or ignition: A skilled technician should handle these.
  • Defective gas valves and other large repairs: These may seem small at first, but to keep your home safe, hire a specialist with the right tools and training.

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Expert Furnace Installation & Replacement in Eden Prairie

A new furnace may be the smartest (and most cost-effective!) option if your furnace has become more costly to repair or isn’t performing well anymore. Total Comfort keeps your whole home in mind for your furnace replacement and installation so that you can quickly enjoy a truly comfortable home again. With gas, electric, and high-efficiency furnaces from all major brands, our professionals are sure to find the best furnace for your home and budget.

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HVAC Maintenance for Homes in Eden Prairie

Prolong the life of your HVAC units and avoid those costly repairs by taking advantage of Total Comfort’s preventative maintenance services. We’ll keep your heating and cooling systems running at peak efficiency by performing a complete and precise tune-up, checking all moving parts, and ensuring the system functions properly.

To get even more out of your HVAC system, we’re proud to offer our Total Comfort VIP maintenance program to Eden Prairie homeowners. This convenient, cost-saving option will ensure your home’s HVAC is hassle-free throughout the year. With the Total Comfort VIP maintenance program, you get:

  • A 10% discount on HVAC repairs
  • A 10% discount on after-hours rates
  • Priority scheduling
  • Warranty maintenance
  • Year-round comfort, convenience, and great service!

Get started with routine HVAC Maintenance in Eden Prairie. Contact Total Comfort today! Call (763) 383-8383 or schedule an appointment online.

Award-Winning HVAC Services in Eden Prairie

Total Comfort can help answer any questions you have about your home’s heating and cooling options. We take our time to understand your unique needs and provide you with the best HVAC services in Eden Prairie. When you call Total Comfort, you can expect:

  • Measurable improvement in your home’s comfort
  • Convenient service that works around your schedule
  • A no-obligation service charge for trip and diagnosis, no matter where you live or how complicated the problem
  • A two-step installation process to get your system operational and comfortable without sacrificing quality craftsmanship
  • Upfront pricing quotes and estimates with zero hidden costs

Be sure to check in on our current specials for coupons!

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