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Single and 2 Stage Condensing Units

The difference between single and 2 stage AC comes down to more advanced control. A single speed air conditioner has one speed it’s either on or off; like a light switch.

With a 2 Stage unit it can vary the fan speed to provide better efficiency based on the temperature and humidity outdoors.

Let’s learn some more about the internals of these systems!


The Evaporator Coil

The evaporator coil’s basic design is something like a radiator on a car. It is referred to as an A coil. It has tubes that are surrounded by aluminum fins. Most of the time it’s inside the box that sits on top of your furnace.

The evaporator coil is connected to the outdoor condensing unit by two copper refrigerant lines. When the blower moves air across the coil, cool air is distributed through your duct system.

The cold evaporator coil creates quite a bit of condensation because it has warm air blowing across it. The coil itself has a drain pan that is usually connected to a hose that leads to a floor drain in the basement.

There are usually no moving parts on a coil unless it has an expansion valve. That valve is used to control the amount of refrigerant that passes through the coil.


The Condensing Unit

The condensing unit is the big ugly box that sits out in your yard and makes all that noise. The newer models are very quiet and not so bad looking.

Inside the condensing unit you’ll find the compressor. The compressor is the heart of your system. Its only job is to pump the refrigerant through the refrigerant lines, through your evaporator coil, and then back to the compressor.

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