Mitsubishi Electric Ductless HVAC Replacement in Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN

Getting total comfort in your home is as easy as choosing to install a Mitsubishi Electric ductless HVAC system. Ductless mini-split units offer homeowners a great way to maintain maximum comfort in their living spaces without the need for reconstruction to accommodate a duct-based system. A perfect solution for the Twin Cities metro area climate, ductless mini-split installation is a great solution for keeping Minneapolis-St. Paul residents comfortable year-round.

At Total Comfort, our expert technicians have the skills and expertise necessary for fast, efficient ductless HVAC installation and replacement. Our team will assess your home’s cooling and heating needs to create a cost-efficient, ductless solution.

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Benefits of Mitsubishi Electric Ductless HVAC Systems

Installing or replacing your ductless HVAC system comes with a host of benefits many homeowners may not even realize, including the following:

  • Flexible: Rather than controlling temperature by forcing heated or cooled air through ducts, ductless systems rely on an outdoor unit with multiple indoor units mounted near an electrical outlet. This provides homeowners with flexibility as they do not need to reconstruct their homes or wait an extended period for improved HVAC functionality. Ductless systems can be installed and ready for use within a day.
  • Cost-Efficient: As utility costs continue to skyrocket for homeowners, ductless HVAC systems provide a way for residents to save money while maintaining maximum comfort in their homes. Multi-split systems allow for better temperature control through “zoning,” allowing homeowners to better manage their energy efficiency and reduce associated costs.
  • Improved Air Quality: Ductless systems are capable of multi-stage filtration and do not require professional maintenance to clean, leading to improved indoor air quality in your home!

In addition to these improvements, ductless systems are more environmentally friendly as they do not consume as much energy in order to operate. Total Comfort offers some of the highest-quality products with an expert crew available for all of your installation and replacement needs.

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Signs Your Mitsubishi Electric Ductless System Needs Replacing

If you’ve had a ductless system in your home for a while, you may want to keep an eye out for signs that it needs replacement. The following symptoms can be a clear indication that you need a new Mitsubishi Electric ductless HVAC system installed in your home:

  • Increased energy costs
  • Increased number of repair requests
  • System is older than 20 years
  • Leaking fluids
  • Strange sounds or odors emanating from the system

If you’ve experienced any or all of the above, contact the Total Comfort team to schedule Mitsubishi Electric ductless HVAC replacement in your home. Our team will provide you with an upgraded system, allowing you to enjoy optimal comfort in your home once more.

Total Comfort for Your Mitsubishi Electric Ductless HVAC Services in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Total Comfort proudly serves the Twin Cities metro region, including the following major cities:

  • Brooklyn Park
  • Golden Valley
  • Minneapolis
  • Plymouth
  • Saint Cloud

Our team of skilled technicians has the training and expertise necessary to install and replace mini-split HVAC systems in your home. Get access to improved air quality and increased energy efficiency by having the Total Comfort team install a ductless system in your home — contact us today!


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