Heat Pump Services in Kansas City

HVAC equipment in Kansas City homes needs to be a cut above. Humid summers give way to frigid winters, and the in-between seasons have their share of surprises as well. Heat pumps fit this need quite well, offering high efficiency and powerful heating and cooling—all in one single setup. At Total Comfort, we offer heat pump installation, repair, and maintenance services, giving you access to all of the solutions you may need throughout the year.

Our NATE-certified and specially trained service pros have been serving Kansas City clients for years. With our access to superior products and our wide breadth of knowledge regarding heat pump equipment, we’re your single source for complete home comfort care!

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Heat Pump Installation & Replacement

Are you considering a new heat pump for your Kansas City home? A heat pump can offer extremely energy-efficient heating and cooling performance without the need for a natural gas connection. They cost far less to operate than electrical resistance heating systems, and the initial investment is less expensive than a typical furnace and air conditioning combination. And with only one system to maintain, the process will be far simpler. With so many great benefits, a heat pump can be a great addition to any home. Our experts  can help you determine if a heat pump is the right choice for your needs.

If you already have a heat pump, you may wonder how long it will last. Most heat pumps have a 12- to 15-year lifespan, and you should consider a replacement when:

  • Your heat pump is over 12 years old and is developing problems
  • It needs frequent repairs to stay operating
  • It has a costly problem like a compressor failure or leaking condenser
  • It does not offer the heating or cooling performance you require
  • Your heating and cooling bills are abnormally high

Our experts can help you select the best heat pump for your home, whether you are installing a new one or replacing your current system. With a heat pump that has been specifically selected and installed with your needs in mind, you needn’t worry about staying comfortable no matter what the weather decides to throw your way.

At Total Comfort, we’ve been installing heat pump systems for years, offering leading products like heat pumps from Rheem so that you can be certain that the quality of your new system matches the quality of the service we provide.

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Heat Pump Repair in Kansas City

If you’re having trouble with your heat pump system, you’ve come to the right service team. Our trained contractors and dedicated repair teams can handle any kind of problem you might experience, from the mundane to the monumental! Call our team for help when you notice any of the following signs of heat pump problems:

  • The system fails to start or shuts down unexpectedly
  • It is not heating or cooling properly
  • Airflow is restricted or uneven
  • Water is leaking from the air handler
  • There are error codes on the thermostat or control board
  • The system making strange noises, like grinding or screeching
  • You notice smoky, musty, sour, or melted plastic odors
  • Your utility costs are suddenly higher

Our experts will diagnose your heat pump system promptly and offer the best repair options for your budget. We’ve seen and fixed it all, and our repair experts work with your needs in mind, meaning we arrive quickly—no massive waiting lists—and arrive equipped and prepared to offer top notch service.

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Heat Pump Maintenance Services

Keeping your heat pump system in peak condition is the ideal way to minimize complications and keep the efficiency of the unit high. Your system should last nearly decades, not just a handful of years! And to ensure you get the longevity and performance that you deserve from your Kansas City heat pump, our team offers a comprehensive maintenance program that includes:

  • Complete heat pump diagnostics. Our service starts and ends with a full evaluation of the performance and function of your system, from the controls to the moving parts.
  • Cleaning and inspection. Accumulations of dust, grease, and common air pollutants are the leading cause of many complications that require repair. Our cleaning service ensures you avoid these and gives overall home air quality a boost as well.
  • Lubrication of moving parts. Keeping components that move or interact with other parts well-oiled reduces friction, reducing the workload of the unit and reducing overall wear.
  • Electrical system and connection checks. Proper electrical connections and thermostat function are vital to a safe and efficient heat pump system, and we’ll take every step necessary to ensure yours are secure.

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Heat Pump Services in Kansas City from Total Comfort

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