No matter how well a heat pump is serviced and maintained, the occasional problem or parts failure can occur. To minimize the time you are without heating or cooling, be sure to choose a qualified, reputable HVAC contractor for repairs in the Kansas City area.

At Total Comfort, our technicians are experienced, certified, and ready to help with all your heating and cooling needs. We offer heat pump repair throughout the Kansas City area, as well as heat pump maintenance, installations, and more. Our company features quick response times, upfront pricing, and top-quality workmanship on every job.

When you have a problem with your heat pump in the Kansas City area, choose Total Comfort for fast, cost-effective repairs. Call 763-383-8383 or contact us online to schedule service today.

When to Call Total Comfort for Heat Pump Repairs

Although heat pumps can break down without warning, there are often signs of a problem beforehand. If you know what to look for, you may be able to avoid a complete breakdown and minimize the chance of additional system damage. Call our team at Total Comfort right away when you notice any of these symptoms of heat pump problems:

  • Abnormally high utility costs
  • Poor heating or cooling performance
  • Difficulty starting or staying on
  • Frequent on and off cycling
  • Turning off before temperature is reached
  • Tripped breakers
  • Tripped pressure, overheat, or safety switches
  • Icy or frozen coil
  • Water, oil, or refrigerant leaks
  • Abnormal sounds like buzzing, grinding, or screeching
  • Sour, musty, burning plastic, or other unusual odors
  • Error codes on the thermostat or control board

At Total Comfort, our technicians are equipped with the latest diagnostic equipment to find the cause of your heat pump problem quickly. We can often offer several repair options, depending on your needs and budget.

Repair your heat pump fast with help from our experts at Total Comfort. Contact us today for an appointment anywhere in Kansas City or the surrounding areas.

Kansas City Heat Pump Repair Services

Spending time without heating or air conditioning can be inconvenient or even dangerous, depending on the time of year. Skip the long wait times and choose Total Comfort for high-quality, professional heat pump repairs. Our skilled technicians can handle even the most complex heat pump problems, and we offer cost-effective repairs for:

  • Faulty thermostats, controls, or main control boards
  • Blower fan, belt, or motor failures
  • Condenser fan failures
  • Clogged condensate drains
  • Leaking heat pump coils or refrigerant lines
  • Faulty start capacitor, relay, or circuit
  • Damaged or faulty compressor
  • Faulty reversing valve or expansion valve

We also offer heat pump replacements for systems that are too damaged to repair, and our technicians can help you determine whether repair or replacement will be your best option. To avoid future problems, consider signing up for Total Comfort VIP, which includes two maintenance visits a year, a 10% discount on repairs, and priority scheduling all for a low recurring fee.

Contact us today for reliable, high-quality heat pump service and repairs in Kansas City and beyond.

Call Today for Heat Pump Repairs in Kansas City, MO

Don’t waste money on subpar repairs. Choose Total Comfort for long-lasting, reliable heat pump repairs that you can trust. We offer upfront pricing, no hidden fees, and flexible scheduling that works within your time constraints. Since 1956, we have been a leading HVAC provider in the Kansas City area, and our services are sure to make a marked improvement in your comfort.

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